Thursday, June 21, 2012

kecewa :(

hye-nee...nice one rite...i'm quite impressed with my work...yeah maybe my blog..only OKAY-2..compared to those who have very nice and cute and gempak blog...but i'm still quite impressed..hee :)

okay ! back to my title...kecewa...frust...why i am frust ?? bcoz...i'm like the others..want to share some tutorials..want to make some menu tab or something like that..but i can't u know...i kind of didnt know how to do i decided this blog will be ONLY and SPECIFICALLY about my stories..and if there is new tutorial that i want to share...i just post it like usual without label it as tutorials,entries or other stuff...that's the only solution..but heyy...i'll remember to put lil' credit to the blog that i take that tutorials..hope u dont mind ?? :)

ooww...i have lil picture want to share with u guys..just a simple and ordinary photos from..for crediting my new friends at my workplace...

peace yooo~

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