Thursday, June 21, 2012

yee~ first post for my new are you guys ?? already get your new result..haha! yup i already got my semester 4 result...wanna see ?? eum...i didnt want to take granted for what i get in last semester coz what i get know will never be the same with what i will get in future, a.k.a semester 5...

ceh ! here is my lovely result..yup..maybe my result not HOT and GEMPAK and...and...and...huh~ whatever *say it like this...put both of right and left hands in ur shoulder and ur eyes..stare at ur home or office or lecturer room ceiling...yess!! ooo so cute...xp *

hee ?? yes maybe some of u guys will say...''alamak~ minah ney..2A jea poen na kecoh''
the i'll say...''hello atleast i'd try my best...kau ade ?? kau original otak komputer bole laa kau gebang lebey''


maybe not...well that's all from me...cik suka senyum..from now..coz i need to renovate more for this new blog as u can still have that ugliness characteristic..bye nee...oow..oow..stay senyum selalu okea :)

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