Wednesday, July 4, 2012

insult islam

salam...nampak tak tajuk lagu kat atas tuh..yup i tak sure betul ke tak tajuk lagu tu bcoz i da tutup tab tu time i tulis entry nie...bengang..i respect dekat sume singer2 kat atas yuh since dorank penyanyi yang berbakat..akan tetapi..apabila sudah tahap menghina islam itu sendiri...i rase macam hilang respect je dekat mereka tu...
yes i repeat it back for those MUSLIM that didn't understand what i trying to told you up there..those singer just like trying..i mean not trying..have insulting us..isult ISLAM...insult our most precious surah...Al Fatihah..
here..i put the lyric together with my post..harap2..akan ade pihak yg menyekat lagu nie dari dikeluarkan atau pun delete vid tersebut dari youtube...thanx...

busta rhymes introayo somebody tell steven speilberg & george lucasthank you for directing this movie (hahahaha) (hashemeke hayla ha-its the remix!)chorus x2Bismillahi r-rahmani r-rahim, Al hamdu lillaahi rabill'alamin (Oooohh)We gettin' arab money (haha), We gettin' arab moneyBismillahi r-rahmani r-rahim, Al hamdu lillaahi rabiil'alamin (Oooohh)We gettin' arab money (haha), We gettin' arab moneyBusta rhymes verseyou can talk about your money but i really dont careim into coppin streets shit im trying to buy airim the first black nigga that i rap trillionairei control heat i'm bout to buy the ozone layerim into coppin minerals now diamonds and graniteso much paper i could probably gift wrap a planetand clone a million janet's respect my companywhile I stack another billion and I give it to the block cuzchorus x2p diddyayo busta we gettin this money for a long time maynecheck this outi'm profilin with my billions pilinim just wildin, bought two islandslakshmi betalliondiamonds a stylinbout to buy japan, trick im just stylinmoney insanemy generals poppin bottlei was buyin out planes just to fly around spainfuck a recession im still investinbout to buy dubai and swim in the shark sectionget the dark section (its the remix)bitch thats the barack section
chorus x2 (we gettin bad boy money)Ron browz versecatch me in da coop that cost a hundred thous,hakala shikmina lady ron browzmy money make noise yours quite as a mousesend a email in da boyz in da houseall da girls love me, ya pop bubbly.hakalashikrhi shorty damn uglyfindin me in the dance floor doin the dougietrucks sittin high too next to yo buggy
chorus x2swizz beats versedont even call me swizz no morecall me kaseem gawi chencha dean my government install youwhen i come thru hit you with the brand newbuggati coupe, damn thing only only sits 2but you know who who ridin in my passengerside with me flyin shit 2.5 in it, hey hey heyim in my jeezy watchin tv she call you houdiniwhile she feedin me linguinileft right left right and arab dance poppin rightswizz beats busta, money money busts pipeschorus x2
chorus x2 (swaggg swagg)akon's verseakon, convict,musici got dat arab money (money)come through lookin like wayne evry time they see mestraight cash wanna keep on cominlemme exchange da currency coz its so foreigni got dat arab money (money) makin upto 5 kindyour minds on the money, diamond mine still runninon all of africa you can ask tarzanchorus x1 (heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)senegal! (we gettin arab money)senegal! (we gettin arab money)yay!chorus x1 (heyyyyyyyyyy)convict (we gettin arab money) (alright boyz)musikkk (we gettin arab money)lil wayne's versecalendar say gettin money errdaysmile look like iced out perrierbury me a g and tell ma kids that i wasnow jump into ya grave do you dig what i dugcash money universe, my old town check20 chains look like a scarf on my neckyoung money entertainment, drugs and fame(and buck a motherfucka in the money hall of fame) (Aarab money)ya!chorus x2

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