Thursday, September 13, 2012

online shopping

anyeong ~~~~ ooppsss !! Assalamualaikum :) how you guys doing lately ?? is it okay...or.....(silence)..... it okay if i just continue without do any it fair...? fair enough right since i really am a failure if it is come to give introduction...ceh ! =.='' i guess in your mind there must be this kind of word...
''ceh !! tak tahu buat intro konon..tsk..tsk..da besar panjang pun tak reti buat intro kea''.... yeah-2 maybe i just being a negative thinker but comment...(is 'no comment' is already a comment)

okay enough merepek..okay as you can see the title above...ONLINE is the easiest way to go shopping in just a simple click..eceh !1 senang je cakap kan kan ?? ape yg buat i terdetik nak tulis pasal online shopping nie...? sebab nye one of my member need to do an assignment..they are required to create a blog and write atleast 5 posts..need to beautify their blogs with templates and is just like us, blogger do..but they have one additional things they get and blogger will not get...what is it ?? *drum please* they got MARKS !! untunglaa...hope you guys will get an excellent marks and please don't stop blogging..because this is the other way we can share news and story even though we did know the editor really well..but who cares..that is just the way blogger world anyway...

merepek lagi...okay ! back to our core business...sambil tolong my 'chingu' buat blog dia...i yang tengah carik laman web online shopping pun sempat la cuci mata sikit...girls !! i'll present to you..where you can buy your cloth online..err...boys !! step aside please ! okay ! thank you...!

this is what i got from

*Designer Made*Denim Dress (freesize)Lacey Lace Dress (XS/S,black)Escapade Sleveless Dress (Red)

Sonia Long Dress (freesize,black)get-gorgeous-designsleeveless-izzara-chiffon-half-dress-

and this is what i get at

Ruffle Ribbon Front Puff Sleeve Pretty BlouseVest paired with red dressElegant Trench Coat

that not this for muslimah pun ade :)

let see..jam da menunjukkan pukul 17:24...waktu untuk pergi mandi n then tido..haha homework da siap..test and quiz pun tak de...happy !! bye luckies !

p/s: logo kat atas nie logo business plan untuk our grup...cantek kan..our own creativity :) Saranghae oppa !! (^.-)

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