Friday, October 26, 2012

Hari Raya Aidil Adha Tragedy : Stolen

Assalamualaikum..hye gud morning malaysian...and to all my others countries reader *if any* today post i'll write in english so that other countries readers can understand what i wanna to tell you later...why am i serius in this cold and calm Hari Raya Aidil Adha day...again..i will tell you later...before that, how are you guys doing ? have you taken your breakfast ? like one of my friend say every sec, every minute, every hour,every day, every week and so on...breakfast is important to start up a good you need to do is just...drink Herbalife...with a tagline ' you wanna go slim, ask me how'...hee just kidding :)

okay let's start for my serius, sad, tragic story. . .the title for my post is 'STOLEN' what have been stolen from us ? i mean what have been stolen from my sista till she come home from her part time work crying like a cat lost her kitten...okay that thing is her precious lappy..yeah ! maybe one of you will just a lappy..and it's not a big deal...but the point is...that LAPPY is a present from our mom to her since she got her SPM result 7A's and been qualified to continue her study in Foundation in Engineering at UIA..

so..lappy was stolen at the bus stop where the one who stole it..know my sis carried her lappy in her bag...not just lappy was stolen..but a BLACKBERRY was inside the bag just a great lost to's not something that commoner like us can afford to buy it right after we lost it u know..and just imagine how pissed of my father was...all i want to say here is...''thanx very much to make my sis life misery..and hope you can return the lappy..''

to be continued.....

p/s : if any of you..readers knows how to track the lost lappy..kindly PM me okay :)

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