Saturday, June 13, 2015

#001 mumbling and salam ramadhan !


jangan cakap akak tak payung....
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Hye are you.

sorry for not updating anything.. dah nak masuk last year makin banyak pulak assignment etc... makin kurang pulak mase.... i'll go for my internship next august... but still tak carik tempat lagi.. the most important is ade ke orang nak ambil iolls ni...

anyway, ramadhan dah nak dekat... so i want to take this opportunity to wish salam ramadhan al-mubarak, sorry cos makin lame post makin hambar...lack of idea... semua idea dah dicurahkan time got nothing left bila cuti..empty minded..totally empty.. yeah ~

plus, i don't have no interesting stories to tell... i mean.. most of the blogs i've followed, they write bout their vacation in overseas, their marriage, their super ohsem life... but my life... is just like others... wake up in the morning - go to class - balik class - doing homework - online - sleep... that's part of my routine..yup.. what a boring life bruh ! 

that's all... maybe next time i should try to improvise my writing skill.... i don't know...can i ??? 

bye... salam ramadhan again guys... :D

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