Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#001 What i had done ?

hello and assalamualaikum guys.

First of all, i would like to say sorry cos being M.I.A for awhile (almost a year). Last year was the busiest year i had gone through. It was so hectic year with my internship and all. I was so busy till i can't even manage my own self and stuff. Thus, i am sooooooo sorry for what i had done, okay ? when i look at my post title, it's kinda awkward. Last year and this year have the same number. Nampak sangat aku bukak once a year, wakakaka~~

Alright enough with all this nonsense.

i just went through all the comments (tak banyak pun that's why aku rajin baca *smiley face*) and i found this one comment asking me to post other things than review and copy paste the viral issues. Kepada Sis tu, thank you so much cos i'm myself don't realize banyak gila post review dalam blog ni, my gawd, seriously thank you. But, gently say i don't even know what to write here, i mean, i like to WRITE something, it just that i don't know WHAT. Yes, i can't write bout travel since i'm still don't have that chance to go travel to any country yet. Make up ? yeah, it can be done but is it an interesting topics, i don't know i can give a shot on my next post. Hijab Tutorials ? i'm not model so there's reason why i'm not become one right ?

Honestly, i came up with this blogging idea all of sudden. Tak de plan pun just me being typical teenager follow what's trend that day, you know ? it's okay, i will try figure up something to post, okay ? :)

or you as reader can help me on what topics i should write about and i will try my best to give my opinion on that topics, okay ? you can drop your opinion here or just DM me on my twitter or instagram direct :)


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