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Assalamualaikum. . . .
my name is Nur Shakila, but i also have been known as Eyla Syakila, but sometime some other people call me Eyla, Kila or Katik *eh* . I'm 21 years old this uipcoming July...well old enough but feel younger...Diploma Holder in Accountancy...convo in October...even though i got diploma in accountancy, the facts is i HATE ACCOUNTS..
i'm a part time blogger, but the real thing is BLOGGING is my PASSION...i wrote every single thing happened in my life here in my blog...well, i wanted to wrote in a diary but the diary kept missing and i have to bought it for several time just to replace the missing until some point i get bored an d walah ! i found this blog ! what i wrote in this blog is coming from my heart...well sometimes i do copy from other blogs but i DO PUT CREDIT :) and i hope you guys enjoy reading my blog as much as i enjoy writing mu blog.


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